iOS Developer

About Sportsmate
Beginning in 2008, Sportsmate Mobile has grown to cover 8 sports with over 1.5 million active users every month. We have a suite of fifteen live iOS apps and 9 Android apps.

Primarily based in Melbourne, Sportsmate operates a small team. Roles come with a high level of input, responsibility, and ownership.

Development occurs continually throughout the year, while products are released and maintained as their respective sport dictates. Looking to the future, we are wanting to expand into new and exciting areas with different challenges, while continuing to maintain the quality of our existing products.

The Role
Sportsmate’s products are built on three core principles; speed, quality, and design. Every part of every product should be of its best possible quality, and that extends to things users can’t see. We are looking for engineers with a strong passion for product and a relentless drive for quality in their work.

Equally important is integrating as a good team member. Our team is small—meaning good energy, friendliness, and rapport is vital.

Your role will extend beyond engineering. Your input into the product’s first stages of development—conceptually—are highly desired. Interacting with other areas of the team, rethinking existing solutions, and being a thorough maintainer of technical assets will also be a part of your role.


Our ideal candidate would have strong, familiar, and extensive knowledge with the following:

- iOS (and/or OS X) development
- Objective-C

- Swift
- watchOS development
- C/C++
- Intricate Xcode project structures
- Git
- SQL (using SQL databases)
- Ruby

Furthermore, having extensive experience with the following would also be useful:
- iTunes Connect
- Mobile advertising integration of most kinds
- HockeyApp

If you like the sound of this and feel you tick those boxes, please drop us a copy of your CV to with the subject: iOS Developer.